24/48-well PCR plates, non-skirted, PP

Ultra-thin wall design facilitates rapid and steady heat transfer. Smooth interior tube surface minimises binding of enzymes and nucleic acids. Raised rims of wells protect against cross-contamination and provide tight seal particularly in combination with new sealing mats. The 24/48 well plates reduce material costs and allow work on a compact PCR plate even with small sample throughputs.

  • Suitable for most types of standard thermal cyclers
  • DNase-, RNase-, DNA-, and endotoxin-free

Toote variatsioonid

Catalog numberPKColourMaterialNo. of wellsNominal capacityPyrogen freeRNase/DNase-freeSkirt styleEndotoxin freeKogus 
9.409 36820.00TransparentPP48200 µlYesYesNon-skirtedYes
6.229 65540.00TransparentPP24200 µlYesYesNon-skirtedYes
4.007 90220.00WhitePP48200 µlYesYesNon-skirtedYes
4.007 90140.00WhitePP24200 µlYesYesNon-skirtedYes