96 Well Immuno Plates, PS, flat bottom

Non sterile Immuno plates with transparent flat bottom, well suited for quantitative and qualitative solid phase immunoassays.

Choice of different surfaces:
PolySorp™, Immulon™ 1B and Universal Binding (UB) serve to absorb hydrophobic molecules.
Medisorp™ and Immulon 2HB are slightly hydrophilic and bind a variety of biomolecules.
MaxiSorp™, Immulon 4 HBX and Enhanced Bond (EB) are hydrophilic and ideal for antibody sandwich assays.
MultiSorp is highly hydrophilic and is well suited for glycans and water-soluble proteins.

  • Reliable and repeatable results in colourimetric assays
  • Very good optical quality
  • Alphanumerically labeled rows and columns

Toote variatsioonid

Surfaceworking volume µlCapacity µl/wellCatalog numberPKKogus 
EB3303804.008 66050.00
MultiSorp™3504004.008 65060.00
MaxiSorp™3504004.009 010180.00
Immulon 1B2303304.008 58650.00
UB3303806.228 76250.00
MediSorp™3504004.008 64960.00
PolySorp™3504004.008 802180.00
MaxiSorp™3504006.301 671180.00
PolySorp™3504009.390 55560.00
MaxiSorp™3504009.390 55060.00
Immulon 4 HBX2803306.228 80750.00
MaxiSorp™3504009.390 55160.00
Immulon 2 HB2803304.008 61350.00