96-well plate Nunc™ Edge 2.0, with flat bottom, PS, with hydrophilic surface Nunclon™ D

Minimize plate evaporation through the uniquely engineered design of Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ Edge-96 Well Plate. The edge plate is engineered for optical superiority allowing your automated imaging systems to operate efficiently. The plates are made of clear polystyrene for excellent optical properties making it ideal for optical measurements

  • Reduced Edge Effect virtually eliminates evaporation in lengthy incubations
  • Overall plate evaporation rate reduced to <2% after seven days of incubation
  • Low evaporation permits full-plate results
  • Large evaporative buffer zones eliminate well-to-well variability
  • Perimeter moat can be filled with 1.7mL sterile H2O or media
  • Low background fluorescence, ideal for optical instruments
  • Ideal for image-based high content applications like measuring primary neuron cultures
  • Customized bar coding available (upon request)

Toote variatsioonid

Bottom shape wellsColourMaterialNo. of wellsNominal capacityCatalog numberSterileWith lidPKKogus 
FlatClearPS96400 µl6.283 124YesNo160.00
FlatClearPS96400 µl6.283 122YesYes50.00
FlatClearPS96400 µl6.283 125YesNo50.00
FlatClearPS96400 µl6.283 123YesYes160.00