ADAMANT unmodified standard silica layers for TLC

Silica 60, specific surface (BET) ~ 500m²/g, mean pore size 60Å, specific pore volume 0.75ml/g, particle size 5 to 17µm. Outstanding hardness and abrasion resistance due to an optimized binder system. Increased separation efficiency due to an optimized particle size distirbution. High suitability for trace analyses resulting from a UV indicator with brilliance and a low-noise background of the layer.

Available as glass plates with or without fluorescent indicator (UV254).

Toote variatsioonid

TypePlate format cmGel thickness mmCatalog numberPKKogus 
ADAMANT UV2542.5 x 060100.00
ADAMANT5 x 100.254.005 06750.00
ADAMANT UV25410 x 100.254.005 06425.00
ADAMANT UV2545 x 100.254.005 06150.00
ADAMANT20 x 200.254.005 07025.00
ADAMANT UV2545 x 100.254.005 062200.00
ADAMANT UV25420 x 200.254.005 06625.00
ADAMANT5 x 100.254.005 068200.00
ADAMANT UV25410 x 200.254.005 06550.00
ADAMANT UV2545 x 200.254.005 063100.00
ADAMANT10 x 100.254.005 06925.00