Adhesive Tape, PVC

PET-coated Adhesive PVC-tape with water-soluble adhesive. Available in different widths and colours.

  • Easy to remove without stains
  • Thickness: 0,14 mm
  • Core: PE

Toote variatsioonid

Catalog numberPKColourLengthMaterialThicknessWidthKogus 
4.659 10710.00Blue33 mPVC0.14 mm12 mm
4.659 10910.00Green33 mPVC0.14 mm12 mm
4.659 10810.00Yellow33 mPVC0.14 mm12 mm
4.659 11310.00Yellow33 mPVC0.14 mm25 mm
4.659 11410.00Green33 mPVC0.14 mm25 mm
4.659 1215.00White33 mPVC0.14 mm50 mm
4.659 11110.00Red33 mPVC0.14 mm25 mm
4.659 1185.00Blue33 mPVC0.14 mm50 mm
4.659 11510.00White33 mPVC0.14 mm25 mm
4.672 14510.00Blue33 mPVC0.14 mm25 mm
4.659 11210.00Blue33 mPVC0.14 mm25 mm
4.659 10610.00Red33 mPVC0.14 mm12 mm
4.672 14010.00Blue33 mPVC0.14 mm12 mm
4.659 1195.00Yellow33 mPVC0.14 mm50 mm
4.659 1175.00Red33 mPVC0.14 mm50 mm
4.659 1205.00Green33 mPVC0.14 mm50 mm
4.659 11010.00White33 mPVC0.14 mm12 mm