Beakers, Borosilicate glass 3.3, low form

  • ISO 3819
  • With spout
  • From 25 ml with graduation

Toote variatsioonid

ØHeightMaterialNominal capacityCatalog numberShapeStandardType of
With spoutPKKogus 
YesWhite60 mm80 mmBoro 3.3150 ml9.013 903LowISO 3819PrintedYes10.00
YesWhite150 mm210 mmBoro 3.33000 ml6.270 090LowISO 3819PrintedYes1.00
YesWhite42 mm60 mmBoro 3.350 ml9.013 901LowISO 3819PrintedYes10.00
YesWhite170 mm270 mmBoro 3.35000 ml6.280 298LowISO 3819PrintedYes1.00
YesWhite50 mm70 mmBoro 3.3100 ml9.013 902LowISO 3819PrintedYes10.00
YesWhite34 mm50 mmBoro 3.325 ml9.013 900LowISO 3819PrintedYes10.00
YesWhite100 mm135 mmBoro 3.3800 ml9.013 912LowISO 3819PrintedYes10.00
Yes-22 mm30 mmBoro 3.35 ml9.013 905LowISO 3819-Yes10.00
YesWhite105 mm145 mmBoro 3.31000 ml9.013 913LowISO 3819PrintedYes10.00
YesWhite90 mm125 mmBoro 3.3600 ml9.013 911LowISO 3819PrintedYes10.00
Yes-26 mm35 mmBoro 3.310 ml9.013 906LowISO 3819-Yes10.00
YesWhite70 mm95 mmBoro 3.3250 ml9.013 904LowISO 3819PrintedYes10.00
YesWhite132 mm185 mmBoro 3.32000 ml6.270 091LowISO 3819PrintedYes10.00
YesWhite80 mm110 mmBoro 3.3400 ml9.013 910LowISO 3819PrintedYes10.00