Beakers glass, Pyrex®, low form

  • Complies with ISO 3819 and DIN 12331
  • Manufactured from Pyrex® borosilicate glass
  • Excellent thermal performance
  • High resistance to chemical attack
  • With spout, white graduations and marking spot
  • Printed with Trace Code for downloadable batch certificate
  • Batch certificate available to download from

Toote variatsioonid

ØHeightMaterialNominal capacityCatalog numberShapeType of
With spoutPKKogus 
YesWhite70 mm95 mmBoro 3.3250 ml6.254 004LowPrintedYes10.00
YesWhite100 mm135 mmBoro 3.3800 ml6.262 138LowPrintedYes10.00
YesWhite170 mm270 mmBoro 3.35000 ml6.239 076LowPrintedYes1.00
YesWhite90 mm125 mmBoro 3.3600 ml6.258 182LowPrintedYes10.00
YesWhite150 mm210 mmBoro 3.33000 ml6.266 689LowPrintedYes4.00
YesWhite42 mm60 mmBoro 3.350 ml9.014 001LowPrintedYes10.00
YesWhite80 mm110 mmBoro 3.3400 ml9.014 004LowPrintedYes10.00
YesWhite34 mm50 mmBoro 3.325 ml9.014 003LowPrintedYes10.00
YesWhite60 mm80 mmBoro 3.3150 ml9.014 002LowPrintedYes10.00
YesWhite105 mm145 mmBoro 3.31000 ml9.014 005LowPrintedYes10.00
YesWhite130 mm185 mmBoro 3.32000 ml6.259 067LowPrintedYes10.00
YesWhite50 mm70 mmBoro 3.3100 ml6.238 860LowPrintedYes10.00