Beakers, PMP, low form, with blue graduations

Clear. Acc. to ISO 7056. With graduation, beaded rim and spout. Cleaning at temperatures below 60 °C is recommended to preserve marks and inscriptions.

Toote variatsioonid

ØGraduationHeightMaterialNominal capacityCatalog numberShapeStandardType of
With handleWith rimWith spoutPKKogus 
ClearBlue203 mm500 ml247 mmPMP5000 ml9.014 211LowISO 7056PrintedNoYesYes1.00
ClearBlue66 mm20 ml80 mmPMP150 ml9.014 203Low-PrintedNoYesYes1.00
ClearBlue87 mm50 ml112 mmPMP400 ml9.014 205Low-PrintedNoYesYes1.00
ClearBlue47 mm10 ml60 mmPMP50 ml9.014 201LowISO 7056PrintedNoYesYes1.00
ClearBlue149 mm200 ml187 mmPMP2000 ml9.014 209LowISO 7056PrintedNoYesYes1.00
ClearBlue100 mm50 ml127 mmPMP600 ml9.014 207Low-PrintedNoYesYes1.00
ClearBlue55 mm10 ml70 mmPMP100 ml9.014 202LowISO 7056PrintedNoYesYes1.00
ClearBlue77 mm25 ml95 mmPMP250 ml9.014 204LowISO 7056PrintedNoYesYes1.00
ClearBlue38 mm5 ml50 mmPMP25 ml9.014 200LowISO 7056PrintedNoYesYes1.00
ClearBlue120 mm100 ml147 mmPMP1000 ml9.014 208LowISO 7056PrintedNoYesYes1.00
ClearBlue94 mm50 ml118 mmPMP500 ml9.014 206LowISO 7056PrintedNoYesYes1.00
ClearBlue170 mm250 ml212 mmPMP3000 ml9.014 210Low-PrintedNoYesYes1.00