Centrifuge tubes, cylindrical, PP

Translucent. PP. Autoclavable. Can withstand temperatures up to +120°C. Rimmed. High chemical resistance. Cannot be used with naked flame. Can also be used as conventional test tubes.

Toote variatsioonid

Catalog numberPKAutoclavableColourØHeightMaterialNominal capacityKogus 
9.315 830100.00YesTransparent12.0 mm100.0 mmPP7 ml
6.204 878500.00YesTransparent17.0 mm101.0 mmPP16 ml
6.205 67425.00YesTransparent30.0 mm104.0 mmPP48 ml
6.205 16925.00YesTransparent40.0 mm119.0 mmPP110 ml
9.315 83120.00YesTransparent35.0 mm99.5 mmPP70 ml
6.205 83950.00YesTransparent24.0 mm93.0 mmPP31 ml