Centrifuge tubes Nalgene™, PPCO

Transparent, graduated tubes made of polypropylene copolymer. Good chemical resistance, autoclavable. For centrifugation in cooled and uncooled centrifuges. 50 and 100 ml tubes with reinforced rim.

Toote variatsioonid

AutoclavableColourØHeightMaterialMax. rcfNominal capacityCatalog numberWith graduationPKKogus 
YesTransparent15.8 mm102.1 mmPPCO50000 x g12 ml9.315 624No1.00
YesTransparent28.7 mm133.1 mmPPCO6000 x g50 ml9.315 604Yes1.00
YesTransparent16.8 mm118.6 mmPPCO6000 x g15 ml9.315 603Yes1.00
YesTransparent15.8 mm112.8 mmPPCO50000 x g15 ml9.315 625No1.00
YesTransparent17.8 mm98.6 mmPPCO50000 x g16 ml9.315 626No1.00
YesTransparent28.5 mm102.4 mmPPCO50000 x g50 ml9.315 629No1.00
YesTransparent28.4 mm102 mmPPCO50000 x g50 ml9.315 630No1.00
YesTransparent31.5 mm163.1 mmPPCO50000 x g100 ml9.315 631No1.00
YesTransparent25.2 mm88.1 mmPPCO50000 x g38 ml9.315 628No1.00
YesTransparent25.2 mm88.1 mmPPCO50000 x g38 ml6.322 550No100.00