CHROMABOND® QuEChERS extraction buffer mixes / clean-up mixes

Extraction mixtures for sample preparation for determination of pesticides in food samples.

MACHEREY-NAGEL offers a number of individually weighed and pre-mixed buffers and extraction mixtures, specially composed for different sample matrices.
Mix I and Mix II are extraction mixtures, Mix III to Mix VI are clean-up mixtures.

The food samples will be extracted with either Mix I or Mix II.
Afterwards they will be purified with one of the following mixtures:

  • Mix III (samples with low fat content; e.g. apples, strawberries),
  • Mix IV (moderate content of chlorophyll and carotinoids; e. g. carrots, lettuce),
  • Mix V (high content of chlorophyll and carotinoids; e. g. bell peppers, spinach),
  • Mix VI (high fat content; e. g. avocados).

Every mix is prepacked in a 15 ml centrifuge tube. Pack of 50 pieces.

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CompositionDescriptionVolume mlCatalog numberPKKogus 
0.15g CHROMABOND® Diaminowith 0.9g MgSO4Mix III Diamino Clean-up Mix154.003 82650.00
0.15g CHROMABOND® Diaminowith 0.9g MgSO4and 45mg CarbonMix V Diamino/Carbon Clean-up Mix154.003 82950.00
0.15g CHROMABOND® Diaminowith 0.9g MgSO4 and 15mg CarbonMix IV Diamino/Carbon Clean-up Mix154.003 82750.00
4g MgSO4, 1g NaCl, 0.5g Na2H citrate1.5 H2O, 1g Na3 citrate, 2 H2OMix I Citrat-Extraction-Mix154.003 82450.00
0.15g CHROMABOND® Diaminowith 0.9g MgSO4 and 150mg C18 ecMix VI Diamino/C18 ec Clean-up Mix154.003 82850.00
6g MgSO4, 1.5g Na acetateMix II Acetat-Extraction-Mix154.003 82550.00