Benzenesulphonic acid modified silica cation exchanger for SPE (SCX)

Base material silica, pore size 60Å, particle size 45µm, specific surface 500m²/g, pH stability 2 to 8, benzenesulphonic acid modified silica, strongly acidic cation exchanger (capacity ~ 0.5meq/g). Adsorbent with hydrophobic and Π-Π interactions (benzene ring). Ion exchange of organic compounds from aqueous matrix. Elution of interesting compounds with solvent systems, which compensate the ionic and nonpolar interactions, e.g. methanolic HCl.

Recommended application: amino acids, amines, chlorophyll, PCB.

Toote variatsioonid

Volume mlCapacity mgCatalog numberPKKogus 
11006.314 563100.00
35007.051 05650.00
35004.003 485250.00
6*10006.224 84630.00
32004.003 56350.00
6*5004.003 61330.00