Combination phase for SPE analysis of PCBs

H2SO4: H2SO4-impregnated silica phase for oxidation of accompanying compounds to ionic and/or polar compounds.
SA: strongly acidic cation exchanger based on silica with benzenesulphonic acid modification for removal of ionic and sulphur-containing compounds.

Recommended application: extraction of PCBs from oil with reference to German industrial standard DIN 51527, part 1. This combination column is used together with a SiOH column.

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DescriptionCatalog numberPKVolume mlCapacity mgKogus 
Kombi-Kit for extraction of PCBs from oil with reference to DIN 51527, part 1, 25 columns each of CHROMABOND® SiOH-H2SO4/SA and CHROMABOND® SiOH7.051 0551.00--
Polypropylene columns4.003 492250.003500 / 500
Polypropylene columns7.051 05450.003500 / 500