Cleanroom Swabs with polypropylene shaft and rounded head made of almost particle-free polyurethane or polyester.
Packed dustfree in a cleanroom.

Toote variatsioonid

Material shaftLength mmCleanroom ClassMaterial HeadHead size mmPackageCatalog numberPKKogus 
PP162ISO 5Polyester6.8 x 16.8double packed4.659 077100.00
PP70ISO 5Polyester3.5 x 11.01 x 100 pcs.4.678 156100.00
PP162ISO 5PU-foam6.8 x 16.8double packed4.659 076100.00
PP125ISO 5PU-foam12.7 x 25double packed4.659 074100.00
PP70ISO 5Polyester4.0 x 12.01 x 100 pcs.4.659 078100.00
PP125ISO 5Polyester12.7 x 25double packed4.659 075100.00
PP70ISO 5PU-foam3.5 x 11.01 x 100 pcs.4.659 079100.00