CO2 Incubators CelCulture® with high heat sterilization, without ULPA filter, with O2 control

Incubator with 180 °C high heat sterilization cycle, for efficient contamination protection. Conforms to the international standards for dry heat sterilization.

  • Heat-resistant sensors
  • IR CO2 sensor
  • O2 Sensor
  • 2 MB built-in flash memory for data and event logging

Toote variatsioonid

Depth int.Ext. depthExt. heightExt. widthHeight int.Int. widthMaterial interiorMax. no. of insertsMax. temperatureMin. temperatureNominal capacityCatalog numberPower supplyRated capacityTemperatureTypeWeightPKKogus 
640 mm770 mm905 mm750 mm633 mm595 mmStainless steel760 °C5 °C240 l4.678 091220 ... 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz1.5 kWRTCCL-240T-8-NF-HHS155 kg1.00
535 mm660 mm905 mm660 mm633 mm505 mmStainless steel760 °C5 °C170 l4.678 090220 ... 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz1.3 kWRTCCL-170T-8-NF-HHS120 kg1.00