Compatible Filter System for 3M™ Half and Full Masks

All filters fit via bayonet-click connection to the mask series 6000 , 6500 , and 7500 and 7000. The right filter for every application. No matter what the working area is, using 3M™ Respirators , the comprehensive 3M™ Filter program gives optimum safety and provides versatile application possibilities. The compatible 3M™ range of filters includes combinable changeable filters against gases, vapors and / or particles and also combination filters .

Toote variatsioonid

Catalog numberPKFilter
Sort of filterTypeType of filterKogus 
7.072 3102.00Bayonet clickCombined filter6099ABEK2P3 R
6.269 5842.00Bayonet clickCombined filter6054K1
6.270 58520.00Bayonet clickParticle filter2135P3 R
6.269 5902.00Bayonet clickCombined filter6051A1
6.269 5882.00Bayonet clickCombined filter6055A2
6.269 5852.00Bayonet clickCombined filter6096A1HgP3NR
6.267 7862.00Bayonet clickParticle filter5935P3 R
6.269 5892.00Bayonet clickCombined filter6057ABE1
6.267 7852.00Bayonet clickParticle filter5925P2 R
6.270 1832.00Bayonet clickCombined filter6000AXP3
6.269 5862.00Bayonet clickCombined filter6075A1+ Formaldehyd
7.620 3058.00Bayonet clickCombined filter6059ABEK1
6.267 7842.00Bayonet clickParticle filter5911P1 R