Concentrator Savant SC210 P1 SpeedVac Kits

Thermo Scientific Savant SC210 P1 SpeedVac Kits feature an easy-to-use, large capacity concentrator. Use the complete kit package for HPLC fraction and reversed-phase SPE eluant applications.

  • PTFE coated chamber provides long lasting durability against harsh solvents
  • Three selectable heating levels to optimize evaporation
  • Automatic bleeder valve automatically provides vacuum at the beginning of a run and bleeds chamber to atmospheric pressure at the end of a run
  • Recommended Solvents and Solvent Combinations Acetonitrile, Methanol, Ethanol, Water
  • SC210 P1 SpeedVac Kit includes High-capacity SC210A SpeedVac concentrator, -105°C, ultra-low temperature refrigerated vapor trap, VLP120 vacuum pump, 200 x 1.5ml rotor, Digital vacuum gauge, Universal tubing package, Chemical trap for use with disposable cartridge, Disposable cartridge with colour indicator for trapping, acids and water vapor, Glass condensation flask, CryoCool heat transfer fluid (1L)

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SC210 P1SpeedVac Kit813 x 2083 x 8642059.720 7551.00