Deep-Well Plates, 96/384-well, PP, sterile

High-performance plates for manual or automated applications. Suitable for sample storage and preparation, bacteria and yeast cultivation, DNA and RNA isolation, protein analysis and plasmid purification.

  • Clear wells
  • Frame, white or coloured
  • High-contrast, alphanumeric lettering
  • Autoclavable (121 °C, 20 min)
  • Centrifugation resistance up to 6000 × g
  • Rounded RecoverMax®-Well-Design
  • Elevated well frames for reliable sealing, even with heat sealing
  • Stackable

Toote variatsioonid

AutoclavableColourMaterialNo. of wellsNominal capacityCatalog numberRNase/DNase-freeSterilePKKogus 
YesGreenPP962000 µl4.655 305NoYes20.00
YesWhitePP96500 µl4.655 301NoYes40.00
YesGreenPP96500 µl4.655 302NoYes40.00
YesWhitePP962000 µl4.655 303NoYes20.00
YesWhitePP96500 µl4.655 313NoYes120.00
YesBluePP96500 µl6.233 986NoYes40.00
YesYellowPP962000 µl4.655 304NoYes20.00
YesWhitePP384200 µl4.655 335NoYes40.00
YesWhitePP961000 µl7.638 886NoYes20.00
YesYellowPP961000 µl7.638 887NoYes20.00
YesGreenPP961000 µl7.638 888NoYes20.00
YesWhitePP962000 µl7.671 104NoYes80.00
YesYellowPP96500 µl6.233 985NoYes40.00
YesBluePP961000 µl7.638 889NoYes20.00
YesWhitePP384200 µl4.655 338NoYes120.00
YesBluePP962000 µl6.243 984NoYes20.00
YesWhitePP961000 µl4.655 314NoYes80.00