Digital refractometer RFM900-T series

Digital refractometer with a large measuring range and Peltier temperature control for applications in the chemical, petrochemical, and pharmaceutical industries, as well as flavour and perfume production. SMART temperature stability, RFID user identification, and application-specific, pre-programmed methods simplify routine analyses.

  • Flat prism tray and contactless prism lid facilitate sample application and cleaning
  • High-resolution 6 decimal places
  • 7″ high-resolution HD touchscreen display
  • USB (A), USB (B), and Ethernet interface
  • US/EP/BP/JP compliant
  • Supports FDA Regulation 21 CFR Part 11
  • PHR-MEAN and ASTM D 2140 methods

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ResolutionMeasuring rangeAccuracyMax. temperatureMax. voltageMin. temperatureMin. voltageCatalog numberPower supplyTemperatureTypePKKogus 
0.1 °Brix0.0001 RI0 ... 100 °Brix1.30 ... 1.70 RI±0.1 °Brix±0.0001 RI80 °C240 V0 °C100 V4.694 492100 ... 240 V, 50/60 Hz0 ... 80 °CRFM960-T1.00
0.001 °Brix0.000001 RI0 ... 100 °Brix1.30 ... 1.70 RI±0.02 °Brix±0.00002 RI80 °C240 V0 °C100 V4.694 494100 ... 240 V, 50/60 Hz0 ... 80 °CRFM970-T1.00