Dispenser Tips Ritips® Evolution

Universal dispenser tips for a variety of steppers. The nine tip sizes are equipped with colour-coded adapters for faster identification.

  • Easy, high-precision work even in the low µl range
  • Suitable for viscous, infectious and volatile liquids due to direct displacement method
  • Tips individually and mechanically tested for safe and repeatable application
  • Available in standard and bioclean® quality (individually wrapped and sterile)
  • bioclean® label is certified by accredited laboratories and means sterilized, pyrogen-, ATP-, RNase- and DNA-free
  • A batch certificate is available on request
  • Lot number on each box

Suitable for Ripette®, Ripette® pro, Ripette® genX (Ritter), eLineTM Dispenser (Sartorius), Multipette® 4780, Multipette® plus (Eppendorf), Minilab 100, Minilab 101, Minilab 201, Distriman®(Gilson), StepMate, EasyStep, EasyStep electronic, RepeatOne®(Starlab), Handrop, HandyStep®, HandyStep® S, HandyStep® electronic (Brand).

Please note: Dispenser tips 25 ml and 50 ml cannot be used without adapter. If necessary, please order Cat. No. 6.323 444 or 6.310 548 separately.

Toote variatsioonid

Catalog numberPKFor typeNominal capacityATP-freePyrogen freeRNase/DNase-freeSterileKogus 
6.291 33425.00Standard50.0 ml----
6.291 332100.00Standard10.0 ml----
6.291 327100.00Standard0.2 ml----
6.291 326100.00Standard0.1 ml----
6.291 336100.00bioclean®0.2 mlYesYesYesYes
6.291 330100.00Standard2.5 ml----
6.291 328100.00Standard0.5 ml----
6.291 331100.00Standard5.0 ml----
6.291 340100.00bioclean®5.0 mlYesYesYesYes
6.291 339100.00bioclean®2.5 mlYesYesYesYes
6.291 33325.00Standard25.0 ml----
6.291 34325.00bioclean®50.0 mlYesYesYesYes
6.291 34225.00bioclean®25.0 mlYesYesYesYes
6.291 338100.00bioclean®1.0 mlYesYesYesYes
6.291 341100.00bioclean®10.0 mlYesYesYesYes
6.291 329100.00Standard1.0 ml----
6.291 337100.00bioclean®0.5 mlYesYesYesYes
6.291 335100.00bioclean®0.1 mlYesYesYesYes