Disposable Gloves KCL Dermatril® P 743, nitrile, powder-free

Glove for laboratory work and product protection with high tactility and excellent comfort and ergonomic fit.

  • Complete chemical protection
  • RAL food safe
  • Powder-free, latex-free
  • With rolled edge
  • Increased tear resistance
  • Ambidextrous
  • AQL: 0.65
  • Category III
  • Colour: blue
  • Outside: roughened fingertips, silicone-free
  • Thickness (measured in double layer): 0.2 mm

Toote variatsioonid

AmbidextrousAQLColourFood safeGlove sizeLengthMaterialCatalog numberPowder freeSterileThicknessPKKogus 
Yes0.65BlueYes9280 mmNitrile7.656 855YesNo0.20 mm50.00
Yes0.65BlueYes7280 mmNitrile6.254 896YesNo0.20 mm50.00
Yes0.65BlueYes6280 mmNitrile7.670 539YesNo0.20 mm50.00
Yes0.65BlueYes8280 mmNitrile6.254 897YesNo0.20 mm50.00
Yes0.65BlueYes11280 mmNitrile6.254 898YesNo0.20 mm50.00
Yes0.65BlueYes10280 mmNitrile7.656 913YesNo0.20 mm50.00