Disposable sampling spatula, PS, blue

The sampling spatula can be used to apply, distribute or evenly spread viscous media such as pastes and creams. The spatula is suitable for scraping out bowls, removing residue or wiping off volumetric and dosing spoons. The dimensionally stable long edge is ideal for cutting viscous media. The shade of blue that is used, does not occur in a natural form in foodstuffs. Because of this, the spatulas or parts of them can be quickly found and easily identified in a visual check if they are ever mixed into production. The detectable spatulas have a special additive in the material that makes them visible to metal detectors or X rays. They can therefore be rejected with standard systems for checking for foreign objects, even though they are made of plastic.

  • Individually packed and sterilised
  • Cleanroom manufactured (cleanroom class 7)
  • Food safe

Toote variatsioonid

Catalog numberPKColourDetectableFood safeMaterialOverall lengthSterileWidth spatulaType of
4.680 862100.00BlueYesYesPS192 mmYes20 mmSingle packed
4.680 861100.00BlueNoYesPS192 mmYes20 mmSingle packed