Disposal Container SHARPSAFE®, PP

Sharpsafe® offers a convenient range of disposal containers and accessories that meet high requirements of hygiene and safety. The disposal of waste at its source is thus very convenient and easy.

  • Container consists of 2 parts: yellow base with semi-transparent cover, safe and quick installation by simply pressing and hearing 4 clearly audible “clicks”
  • The Sharpsafe® 0.6 l is a pocket container and is already pre-assembled
  • The Sharpsafe® 9 l is also available with a height of 498 mm for the disposal of long items such as serological pipettes
  • Equipped with a carrying handle
  • Secure one-hand use possible with different mounting accessories
  • Wide opening for the disposal of large objects
  • Disconnection for all types of needles (2 l to 7 l), insulin pens (2 l to 7 l) and scalpel blades (2 l to 9 l)
  • Opening with integrated safety flap for additional protection (2 l to 7 l)
  • The closure cap can be locked in the open position if required
  • 2 locking positions: provisional and final, open simply by pressing the tab
  • Maximum filling level clearly visible by a black line on the lid
  • Safety distance between the container opening and the clear marking line of maximum filling level
  • Inscription on a label fused into the container, label will not be removed by moisture or autoclaving
  • Information on the label in different languages (see table)
  • The empty and open container is autoclavable up to 134 °C for 18 minutes
  • Sharpsafe® is conform to ADR, TRBA 250, ISO 23907: 2013, NFX30-500 and owner of the label NF302
  • Country of origin: European Union

Toote variatsioonid

TypeDimensions (W x D x H) mmLabelingVolume mlDimensions large opening mmCatalog numberPKKogus 
13L195 x 292 x 353FR/NL9900210 x 607.910 5911.00
1,0 L108 x 90 x 187DE/FR/IT/ES/EN100058 x 369.264 2111.00
24L230 x 450 x 415UK18480365 x 957.910 5921.00
0,6 L108 x 52 x 224FR/NL58040 x 309.264 2101.00
2,0 L195 x 20 x 178DE/FR/IT/ES/EN200055 x 50*9.264 2121.00
4,0 L175 x 175 x 245DE/FR/IT/ES/EN400055 x 50*9.264 2141.00
9,0 L h175 x 175 x 498FR/NL820055 x 779.264 2171.00
3,0 L197 x 120 x 205DE/FR/IT/ES/EN260055 x 50*9.264 2131.00
9,0 L292 x 195 x 291FR/NL9000210 x 609.264 2161.00
7,0 L175 x 175 x 380DE/FR/IT/ES/EN670055 x 50*9.264 2151.00