Ekastu Chemical Protection Gloves

Chemical protection gloves can be used wherever people work with fatty or greasy materials, or handle acids, alkalies or caustic solids and therefore there is a risk to the surface of the hands.

  • category 3
  • non-abrasive
  • cotton lined
  • fully coated polyvinyl chloride
  • protection against mechanical abrasions and certain chemicals such as fats, oils, most acids and alkalies

1 pair per pack.

According to EN ISO 374-1:2016/Type A, EN ISO 374-5:2016, EN 420, EN 388

Toote variatsioonid

ColourGlove sizeLengthMaterialCatalog numberPKKogus 
Green9350 mmPVC9.005 6441.00
Green10280 mmPVC9.005 2111.00
Green9280 mmPVC9.005 6421.00
Green10600 mmPVC9.005 2141.00
Green10350 mmPVC9.005 6451.00
Green10400 mmPVC9.005 2131.00