Erlenmeyer flasks, DURAN®, wide neck

DIN EN ISO 24450. With approximate graduations and beaded rim. With Retrace Code (Batch Identification), certificate available via the Internet. Uniformly wall thickness. Glass type I / neutral glass as per USP, EP and JP. Autoclavable.

Toote variatsioonid

AutoclavableBottom ØColourHeightMaterialNeck ØNominal capacityCatalog numberStandardPKKogus 
Yes64 mmClear105 mmDURAN® glass34 mm100 ml9.141 124DIN EN ISO 244501.00
Yes43 mmClear70 mmDURAN® glass31 mm25 ml9.141 114-1.00
Yes85 mmClear140 mmDURAN® glass50 mm250 ml9.141 136DIN EN ISO 244501.00
Yes87 mmClear156 mmDURAN® glass50 mm300 ml9.141 139-1.00
Yes51 mmClear85 mmDURAN® glass34 mm50 ml9.141 117DIN EN ISO 244501.00
Yes79 mmClear131 mmDURAN® glass50 mm200 ml9.141 132-1.00
Yes131 mmClear220 mmDURAN® glass50 mm1000 ml9.141 154DIN EN ISO 244501.00
Yes105 mmClear175 mmDURAN® glass50 mm500 ml9.141 144DIN EN ISO 244501.00
Yes153 mmClear276 mmDURAN® glass72 mm2000 ml9.141 163-1.00