Exhaust filters for SafetyWasteCaps 2.0

The exhaust filter cleans the exhaust air of the HPLC waste containers. It protects operators and environment from harmful solvent vapours. The S.C.A.T. active carbon is optimised to adsorb organic solvents, and offers an active filtering surface of 1200 m²/g. The splash guard avoids contamination of the filter by dripping or spilled liquids. Depending on the required capacity, different filter sizes with different service lifes are available.

Toote variatsioonid

Filter sizeCatalog numberShelf lifeThreadPKKogus 
M4.669 3816 monthsGL 142.00
S6.316 3693 monthsGL 144.00
S6.316 5773 monthsGL 141.00
M4.669 3836 monthsGL 142.00
L6.317 35712 monthsGL 142.00
M4.669 3826 monthsGL 141.00
M4.669 3806 monthsGL 141.00
L6.317 18012 monthsGL 141.00