Exhaust filters V3.0, with change indicator

The exhaust air filters are equipped with three different activated carbon layers, which bind acids and alkalis and adsorb organic solvent vapours. Depending on the required capacity, filter with different service lifes are available.

  • Filter media with a very high performance spectrum for acids and alkalis
  • Optimised for binding buffer solutions and solvent vapours
  • With splash guard
  • 1500 m²/g adsorption surface area

Toote variatsioonid

Catalog numberPKFilter sizeShelf lifeThreadKogus 
4.681 4632.00L12 monthsGL 14
4.681 4571.00M6 monthsGL 14
4.681 4614.00S3 monthsGL 14
4.681 4582.00M6 monthsGL 14
4.681 4621.00L12 monthsGL 14
4.681 4601.00S3 monthsGL 14