Filter papers 1574, qualitative, wet-strength, sheets

Hardened highly pure filter papers (approx. 0.05%) with extremely high chemical and mechanical resistance, especially recommended for vacuum and pressure filtration, and for the use of acidic and alkaline solutions.

  • High wet strength; easy to scrape off or wash off the precipitates, no fibre release
  • High resistance to aggressive chemical components, like sulphuric and nitric acids (up to 40% at 50° Celsius) and alkalis (up to 10% at 20° Celsius) and alkalis (up to 10% at 20° Celsius)

Toote variatsioonid

Catalog numberPKAsh contentDepthThicknessTypeType of analysisWeightWet strengthWidthShape (Filters)Filtration speedKogus 
4.006 049100.000.05 %570 mm1.16 mm1574Qualtitative90 g/m²very high460 mmFilter sheets170 s