Filtration cabinets LABOPUR® 14.X series

Same user benefits as 12X series, with classical design and corrosive protection (optional).

Supplied with:

  • Filtration box (Types H50 and CORG51) with “universal CORG charcoal filter”
  • Retention shelves adjustable in height; retentions tanks; transparent framed doors
  • Special protection for corrosives (optional)

Toote variatsioonid

TypeDescriptionExternal dimensions (W x D x H) mmCatalog numberPKKogus 
SBPVCadditional tray PVC for the retention tank530 x 460 x 904.007 8301.00
AF3Xwith 1 glass door, 3 shelves, drain tray (150 l)560 x 545 x 21354.007 7971.00
EE1additional shelf550 x 465 x 224.007 8061.00
SEPVCadditional tray PVC for the shelf530 x 460 x 204.007 8311.00