Full Face Mask BRK 820

Tested and approved to EN 136 and CE certified. With polycarbonate visor. Speech diaphragm and round thread connection according to EN 148-1.

  • Maximum field of vision thanks to low position nosepiece with two exhalation valves
  • Heat resistant polycarbonate visor, tested and approved for use by firefighters
  • Carefully designed airway ensures non-misting visor
  • 5-point headstrap attachment
  • Optimal sealing to face, can be fitted to all head sizes
  • Shock-absorbing device reduces the risk of injuries caused by impacts to the mask
  • Resistant PE speech membrane in stainless steel casing
  • Variable fastening headstrap
  • No special tools required for maintenance
  • Simple operation for changing sealing rings and ventilation panels

Full face mask BRK 820 G
As facemask BRK 820, but with a scratch- and solvent-resistant surface-hardened polycarbonate lens.

Toote variatsioonid

Catalog numberPKFilter classMaterialStandardTypeKogus 
9.005 5551.003PCEN 136BRK 820
6.401 2351.003PCEN 136BRK 820 G