GC-Syringes PAL Headspace®

HD syringe: High Dynamic plunger has been optimised for higher throughput in the headspace technique.
Novel metal spring allows working with enhanced tightness over a large temperature range. Which results in increased accuracy and reproducibility of your headspace GC analysis.

HDHT syringe: Unique cement-free snap-on connection. The syringe is chemically inert and temperature stable up to 200 °C which broadens the range of possible applications.

Toote variatsioonid

Catalog numberPKNominal capacityTypeShape tip (needle)Kogus 
6.287 9901.001000 µl1001 HDHTConical, side port
7.910 6991.002500 µl1002 HDHTConical, side port
6.303 9261.001000 µl1001 HDConical, side port
6.235 3261.005000 µl1005 HDConical, side port
6.200 5151.001000 µl1001 HDConical, side port
6.201 0891.002500 µl1002 HDConical, side port
9.221 0651.005000 µl1005 HDConical, side port
6.801 1371.002500 µl1002 HDConical, side port