Gel electrophoresis tank MultiSUB Mini Duo-Set

Mini DUO is the smallest unit of the MultiSUB series, designed for low to medium numbers of samples. Very economic due to small buffer volumes.
Supplied with MultiSub Mini tank, 2x geltrays (7 x 7 cm and 7 x 10 cm), 2x 8-sample combs, Loading Guides, 1 set of gel casting dams and 1 x 5 g bottle of Agarose.
The MultiSUB Mini Duo-Set includes additionally:

  • 1x preparative comb (304 µl + Marker, 1.5 mm thick)
  • 1x combination comb (for multi channel pipettes, 1 mm thick)
  • 1x analytical comb (16-sample, 1 mm thick)
  • 1x set of gel casting dams
  • 10x Gel Cutting Tips

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MultiSUB Mini Duo-Set7.656 3561.00