Glass fibre filters GF10 with organic binder

Recommended filters for environmental analysis and controlling both air and water pollution.

  • Made of 100 % borosilicate glass fibres with binders
  • Extremely low content in alkali-earth metals
  • Chemical stability: It keeps all its properties in contact with acid solutions (except hydrofluoric acid) and basic solutions at moderate concentrations
  • Measurement of dust release in workplace and production processes and the purification of compartment air
  • Stable up to 180 °C for GF 10
  • High flow speed and high permeability to air
  • Suitable as filter belt measuring instruments and automats for air filtration and analysis
  • Separation of soot, oil mist and suspended particles

Toote variatsioonid

Catalog numberPKBinderØFiltration speedThicknessTypeWeightKogus 
4.006 609100.00Organic100 mm12 s0.35 mmGF 1070 g/m²
4.006 604100.00Organic47 mm12 s0.35 mmGF 1070 g/m²
4.006 605100.00Organic50 mm12 s0.35 mmGF 1070 g/m²
6.292 105100.00Organic200 mm12 s0.35 mmGF 1070 g/m²