Hazard labels (GHS)

The “Globally Harmonized System of Classification and Labelling of Chemicals” (GHS) by the United Nations is the basis for a worldwide unification of existing national systems.

Film (labels on sheets):

  • for indoor and outdoor use on smooth surfaces
  • water, oil and alkali resistant, permanently adhering
  • temperature resistance: -30 to +70°C

Toote variatsioonid

TypeDescriptionDimensions mmLabelCatalog numberPKKogus 
GHS 07Attention37 x 52Irritant7.627 5156.00
GHS 08danger37 x 52Respiratory Hazard7.627 8596.00
GHS 02Attention37 x 52flame9.105 4686.00
GHS 01danger37 x 52exploding bomb9.105 4656.00
GHS 01Attention37 x 52exploding bomb9.105 4626.00
GHS 03Attention37 x 52flame over circle9.105 4746.00
GHS 05Attention37 x 52Corrosion9.105 4836.00
GHS 06danger37 x 52Acute Toxicity9.105 4806.00
GHS 05danger37 x 52Corrosion9.105 4866.00
GHS 04Attention37 x 52Compressed gas9.105 4906.00
GHS 09Attention37 x 52environment9.105 4896.00
GHS 08Attention37 x 52Respiratory Hazard9.105 4956.00
GHS 03danger37 x 52flame over circle9.105 4776.00
GHS 02danger37 x 52flame9.105 4716.00
GHS 08Attention26 x 37Respiratory Hazard7.654 58112.00
GHS 04Attention18 x 26Compressed gas7.626 28630.00
GHS 04Attention26 x 37Compressed gas7.655 29312.00
GHS 08Attention18 x 26Respiratory Hazard7.637 17330.00
GHS 08danger18 x 26Respiratory Hazard7.626 29030.00
GHS 07Attention18 x 26Irritant7.626 09430.00
GHS 07Attention26 x 37Irritant7.654 58012.00
GHS 08danger26 x 37Respiratory Hazard7.654 58212.00
GHS 02Attention18 x 26flame9.105 46630.00
GHS 03Attention26 x 37flame over circle9.105 47312.00
GHS 01danger18 x 26exploding bomb9.105 46330.00
GHS 02danger18 x 26flame9.105 46930.00
GHS 02Attention26 x 37flame9.105 46712.00
GHS 03Attention18 x 26flame over circle9.105 47230.00
GHS 03danger26 x 37flame over circle9.105 47612.00
GHS 02danger26 x 37flame9.105 47012.00
GHS 03danger18 x 26flame over circle9.105 47530.00
GHS 09Attention18 x 26environment9.105 48730.00
GHS 05danger26 x 37Corrosion9.105 48512.00
GHS 06danger18 x 26Acute Toxicity9.105 47830.00
GHS 09Attention26 x 37environment9.105 48812.00
GHS 05Attention26 x 37Corrosion9.105 48212.00
GHS 05danger18 x 26Corrosion9.105 48430.00
GHS 05Attention18 x 26Corrosion9.105 48130.00
GHS 06danger26 x 37Acute Toxicity9.105 47912.00
GHS 01Attention26 x 37exploding bomb9.105 46112.00
GHS 01danger26 x 37exploding bomb9.105 46412.00
GHS 01Attention18 x 26exploding bomb9.105 46030.00