Heating block set for digital dry bath LLG-uniBLOCKTHERM

Heating block with aluminium beads as an alternative to exchangeable blocks with borings.
The aluminium beads ensure high thermal conductivity. Various types of vessels, such as tubes, bottles, and microtitre plates can be individually assembled and simultaneously tempered in the dry bath. Easy to remove from the LLG-uniBLOCKTHERM thanks to two handles. The heating block holds a max. capacity of 700 ml.

Scope of supply: Heating block, aluminium beads (1 kg)

Toote variatsioonid

DepthDescriptionDimensions (WxDxH)HeightCatalog numberWidthPKKogus 
150 mmHeating block set95 x 150 x 60 mm60 mm6.263 55795 mm1.00