In-line filters Midisart® 2000

For sterile ventilation of fermenters, culture vessels, etc. or to act as a water barrier between the suction flask and the vacuum pump in filtration applications. The supported PTFE membrane within a PP housing gives excellent chemical resistance. Filter in either direction (3 bar max. pressure).

  • Stepped horse-barb of 6-12 mm on either sides
  • sterile single packed filters, autoclavable

Toote variatsioonid

SterileColourFilter diam. mmConnectionPore size µmCatalog numberPKKogus 
-white62small hose barb0.206.259 687100.00
+white621/8" NPT0.206.227 12025.00
+white621/8" NPT0.457.017 32025.00
-white62Hose barb0.209.049 153100.00
+white621/8" NPT0.457.017 31912.00
+white62Hose barb0.209.049 15225.00
+white62Hose barb0.459.049 15612.00
+white62Hose barb0.459.049 15725.00
+white62Hose barb0.209.049 15112.00
+white621/8" NPT0.207.017 32112.00