Inlet Liner for Shimadzu GC

Liners come individually packed complete with instrument appropriate o-rings and sealing rings.
Each pack is supplied with quality test results.
Further liners und pack sizes available on request.

Toote variatsioonid

DescriptionInt. diam. mmLength mmOuter diam. mmCatalog numberPKKogus 
Splitless, Direct3.413956.202 3785.00
Split / Splitless with recessed gooseneck and quartz wool3.49556.205 2335.00
Split / Splitless with middle gooseneckfor GC-2010 (SPL-2010)3.49556.265 4755.00
Split / Splitless with Single Taper3.49556.265 4745.00
Split / Splitless FocusLiner™3.49556.205 9585.00
LVI Straight Non-Sintered with Wool15953,16.312 7875.00
Split / Splitless Tapered FocusLiner™ (42 mm syringe: sample will be injected directly on the wool)3.49556.253 1325.00
Splitless Tapered FocusLiner®349557.643 4181.00
ConnecTite™ (0.53 mm ID columns)2.69556.205 2345.00
Split / Splitless FocusLiner™3.49956.203 8955.00
Split / Splitless FocusLiner™(42 mm syringe: sample will be injected directly on the wool)3.49556.228 2865.00
Split / Splitless with middle gooseneckfor GC-2014 (SPL-2014), GC-17A (SPL-17)3.49556.226 7465.00
Split / Splitless Tapered FocusLiner™3.49556.228 2255.00
Split, Straight-through Liner3.49556.265 4735.00
SPME Liner0,759556.205 2365.00