Lab Soakers Nalgene™ VERSI-DRY®, Super, 1050ml/m²

Paper with PE backers. Absorbs 1050ml/m². With a skid-resistant, waterproof, chemical-resistant polyethylene backing that makes spill containment easy. Thousands of Thirsty Cells™ quickly absorb spills and cushion breakable labware. Sized for benchtop, floor, and fume hood. Use as a tray, drawer or shelf liner or to wipe up spills. Includes durable cloth-like top layer that won’t fall apart when wet, can be used as a floor soaker.

Toote variatsioonid

TypeDescriptionDimensions (WxL)LengthCatalog numberWidthPKKogus 
74000Floor Mat46 x 102 cm102 cm9.413 30746 cm25.00
74000Mat46 x 102 cm102 cm9.413 30346 cm25.00
74000Table Mat51 x 110 cm110 cm9.413 30451 cm25.00
74000Fume Hood Mat46 x 51 cm51 cm9.413 30646 cm50.00
74000Mat46 x 51 cm51 cm9.413 30246 cm50.00
74000Roll51 x 3050 cm3050 cm6.802 33351 cm1.00
74000Roll51 x 7620 cm7620 cm7.651 84251 cm1.00
74000Floor Mat102 x 6100 cm6100 cm9.413 305102 cm1.00