Laboratory Chair Labsit

Labsit is the new chair for all kinds of laboratories. Its intelligent Flex function offers comfort and laboratory ergonomics with minimal adjustments required. Labsit has all the properties required for laboratory work and, at the same time, it is light and universally applicable. Labsit is therefore a laboratory specialist and all-rounder all in one.

  • Minimal joints: Hygienic design for easy cleaning and disinfection.
  • Resistant to disinfectants and chemicals: Resistant to all of the usual disinfectants and chemicals.
  • Seat upholstery made of artificial leather (soft and comfortable, washable and antibacterial) or soft-touch PU foam (extremly robust, washable and antibacterial) in black.
  • Suitable for cleanrooms: Certified for the use in cleanrooms category 3 in accordance with ISO 14644-1.
  • Adheres to biosafety level BSL1, BSL2 and BSL3 of the Directive for Biological Agents, GMP-conform.
  • The backrest made of plastic with its 3D-Flex function automatically adapts to the movements of the user and therefore follows the upper body when leaning back or turning sidewards.
  • The Flex function on the front edge of the seat supports the forward-angled working which is typical for laboratory work.
  • Its low weight and integrated handle provide maximum mobility and easy handling in the laboratory.
  • Seat height adjustment by gas spring.
  • Solid polished aluminium star base, flat design.
  • The chrome-plated foot ring for the high chairs provides support through the wide tread area and can be easily and quickly adjusted in height.
  • With certificate “Tested Safety” (GS mark).
  • 10 years warranty, Made in Germany.

Accessories: Armrests (pair). Lab-Clip: The intelligent Lab-Clip enables Labsit to be easily, individually and quickly labelled, this creates order. Can be added or removed any time.

Toote variatsioonid

TypeColourDescriptionMaterialSeat height adjustment mmCatalog numberPKKogus 
Lab ChairOrangeCastorsArtificial Leather450-6506.287 7311.00
Lab ChairblueGlides, Foot RingArtificial Leather520-7706.287 7351.00
Lab ChairblueGlides, Foot RingPU Foam520-7706.287 7381.00
Lab ChairOrangeCastorsPU Foam450-6506.287 7341.00
Lab ChairOrangeGlides, Foot RingArtificial Leather520-7706.287 7371.00
Lab ChairblueCastorsPU Foam450-6506.287 7321.00
Lab ChairAnthraciteCastorsPU Foam450-6506.287 7331.00
Armrests----6.287 7481.00
Lab ChairAnthraciteGlides, Foot RingArtificial Leather520-7706.287 7361.00
Lab ChairAnthraciteStop and Go Gastors, Foot RingArtificial Leather560-8106.287 7421.00
Lab ChairOrangeStop and Go Gastors, Foot RingArtificial Leather560-8106.287 7431.00
Lab ChairAnthraciteReady mounted in protective coverArtificial Leather560-8106.310 4041.00
Lab ChairOrangeStop and Go Gastors, Foot RingPU Foam560-8106.287 7461.00
Lab ChairblueStop and Go Gastors, Foot RingPU Foam560-8106.287 7441.00
Lab ChairOrangeGlides, Foot RingPU Foam520-7706.287 7401.00
Clip-writable--6.287 7491.00
Lab ChairblueStop and Go Gastors, Foot RingArtificial Leather560-8106.287 7411.00
Lab ChairAnthraciteCastorsArtificial Leather450-6506.287 7301.00
Lab ChairblueCastorsArtificial Leather450-6506.287 7291.00
Lab ChairAnthraciteStop and Go Gastors, Foot RingPU Foam560-8106.287 7451.00
Lab ChairAnthraciteGlides, Foot RingPU Foam520-7706.287 7391.00