Light microscope set WSI MOTIC EasyStitch PRO System

Set includes light microscope Panthera C2 Trinocular, Moticam Pro S5 Lite and EasyStitch Pro.

For creating overview images of whole slides or individually defined regions. The EasyStitch Pro software automatically stitches the single images for a full picture.

  • Two-monitor setup possible
  • Record and export compressed images
  • Record and export HD images for best possible resolution
  • Supported popular data formats: .JPEG, .TIFF, .BMP
  • Support of professional WSI data formats
  • Still image and video capture
  • Live and still image measurement
  • Individual camera settings (exposure time, white balance)
  • Objective calibration system

Scope of supply:
Light microscopes Panthera C2, Moticam Pro S5 Lite, EasyStitch Pro, CS ring adaptor, USB 3.1 cable, Motic 4-dot calibration slide

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WSI MOTIC EasyStitch PRO System4.685 4881.00