Light Microscopes Lab-Line OBF

The high-performance compound microscope for every laboratory with fixed, pre-centred Koehler illumination.

  • Binocular Tube (OBF 121, OBF 122, OBF 123)
  • Trinocular Tube (OBF 131, OBF 132, OBF 133)
  • Tube 30° inclined , 360° rotatable
  • Widefield eyepiece: WF 10x/18mm
  • Diopter adjustment at one eyepiece tube
  • Quadruple nosepiece (backward inclined)
  • Objective 4x, 10x, 40x, 100x (Oil immersion) (different Quality objectives in different series)
  • Achromatic-system and achromatic objective
  • Coaxial pre-and fine focussing
  • ABBE 1,25 N.A. Condensor with aperture diaphragm , focusable and pre-centered koehler illumination
  • Lightfield diaphragm
  • Available with 20W Halogen or 3W LED illumination
  • Individuell Phase Contrast Units
  • Dust Cover, eyepiece rubber caps and manual instruction included
  • Additionaleyepiece and filters available as accessoires

Toote variatsioonid

TypeDescriptionLightingCatalog numberPKKogus 
OBF 123Binocular, plane3 W LED4.657 6541.00
OBF 131Trinocular, achromatic6 V/20 W Halogen4.657 6551.00
OBF 121Binocular, achromatic6 V/20 W Halogen4.657 6521.00
OBF 132Trinocular, plane6 V/20 W Halogen4.657 6561.00
OBF 122Binocular, plane6 V/20 W Halogen4.657 6531.00
OBF 133Trinocular, plane3 W LED4.657 6571.00