LLG-GHS Warning Labels, Self-Adhesive, Roll in Dispenser Box

Dispenser box of 250 labels. These labels are produced using an extremely resistant 100 µm PE film. Due to their special surface coating they are resistant to most solvents and excellent for indoor or outdoor use. The strong adhesive, although permanent, can be removed from glass containers without leaving any trace.
Trilingual signal word: German, English, French.
Available in 2 sizes.

Toote variatsioonid

TypeDescriptionDimensions mmLabelCatalog numberPKKogus 
GHS 01danger26 x 37exploding bomb9.105 701250.00
GHS 02danger26 x 37flame9.105 703250.00
GHS 02warning26 x 37flame9.105 702250.00
GHS 03danger26 x 37flame over circle9.105 705250.00
GHS 05danger26 x 37corrosive9.105 708250.00
GHS 04warning26 x 37gas cylinder9.105 706250.00
GHS 01warning26 x 37exploding bomb9.105 700250.00
GHS 05warning26 x 37corrosive9.105 707250.00
GHS 03warning26 x 37flame over circle9.105 704250.00
GHS 07warning26 x 37exclamation mark9.105 710250.00
GHS 05danger37 x 52corrosive9.105 728250.00
GHS 09warning26 x 37environment9.105 713250.00
GHS 02danger37 x 52flame9.105 723250.00
GHS 04warning37 x 52gas cylinder9.105 726250.00
GHS 08danger26 x 37health hazard9.105 712250.00
GHS 03warning37 x 52flame over circle9.105 724250.00
GHS 01danger37 x 52exploding bomb9.105 721250.00
GHS 08danger37 x 52health hazard9.105 732250.00
GHS 08warning37 x 52health hazard9.105 731250.00
GHS 01warning37 x 52exploding bomb9.105 720250.00
GHS 05warning37 x 52corrosive9.105 727250.00
GHS 03danger37 x 52flame over circle9.105 725250.00
GHS 06danger37 x 52skull and crossbones9.105 729250.00
GHS 09warning37 x 52environment9.105 733250.00
GHS 07warning37 x 52exclamation mark9.105 730250.00
GHS 06danger26 x 37skull and crossbones9.105 709250.00
GHS 02warning37 x 52flame9.105 722250.00
GHS 08warning26 x 37health hazard9.105 711250.00