LLG-Glove dispenser, coated wire

Dispenser for 3 boxes (pict. 1), with top (left illustr.) or front insert (right illustr.). Mounting material included.
Dispenser for 1 box, with side slot. Mounting material included.

Toote variatsioonid

DescriptionForDepth mmWidth mmHeightCatalog numberPKKogus 
front insert3 Boxes, 250 x 80 mm90260440 mm9.405 3691.00
top/side insert1 Box, 72 mm depth85180140 mm9.405 3711.00
side insert1 Box, 135 x 85 mm100265155 mm9.405 3721.00
top insert3 Boxes, 255 x 85 mm95265400 mm9.405 3701.00