M2 Sekur Chemical Protection Gloves

  • category 3
  • colour: midnight blue
  • material: polychloroprene
  • anatomically shaped and flexible, reducing hand fatigue
  • sanitised, with cotton lining and with patterned surface for a non-slip grip
  • resistant to many substances such as acids, alkalies, organic oils and fats, also resists bacteriological contamination
  • gloves can be used universally for laboratory, trade and industry applications

1 pair per pack.

Toote variatsioonid

AmbidextrousColourLengthMaterialCatalog numberPKGlove sizeThicknessKogus 
NoBlue310 mmNeoprene9.005 6511.0080.7 mm
NoBlue310 mmNeoprene9.005 6521.0090.7 mm
NoBlue310 mmNeoprene9.005 6531.00100.7 mm