Membrane filter 19 mm, Nuclepore™, Track-Etched, PC

  • Track-etched for highly defined pore size and high pore density
  • Treated with PVP to render it hydrophilic
  • Low extractables, minimizing sample contamination risk
  • High chemical resistance and good thermal stability for a wide range of sample types
  • Low, consistent ash and low tare weights
  • Smooth flat surface for high particle visibility

Toote variatsioonid

Catalog numberPKØMaterialPore sizeKogus 
6.236 519100.0019 mmPC1.00 µm
6.231 078100.0019 mmPC0.10 µm
6.232 245100.0019 mmPC0.05 µm
4.681 977100.0019 mmPC0.20 µm