Membrane filters, blotting, Polycarbonate

Type 230. Polycarbonate (PC), white, non-sterile. Ultrapure, polycarbonate membrane with especially smooth surface and fine pore distribution. Applications include COD/TOC testing, particle analysis or epifluorescence microscopy.

Toote variatsioonid

Catalog numberPKColourØMaterialPore sizeSterileKogus 
9.049 181100.00White47 mmPC0.2 µmNo
7.511 100100.00White50 mmPC0.2 µmNo
9.049 182100.00White25 mmPC0.4 µmNo
9.049 183100.00White47 mmPC0.4 µmNo
9.049 180100.00White25 mmPC0.2 µmNo
6.311 561100.00White25 mmPC0.8 µmNo