Membrane filters, type 139, cellulose nitrate

White membrane with green grid, for detection of bacteria with dyed media, particle count and microscopy, individually, sterile packaged / non sterile.

Toote variatsioonid

Catalog numberPKColourColour gridØPore sizeSterileTypeKogus 
9.054 458100.00WhiteGreen47 mm0.45 µmNo139
7.200 435100.00WhiteGreen47 mm1.20 µmYes139
9.054 459100.00WhiteGreen50 mm0.45 µmNo139
9.054 460100.00WhiteGreen47 mm0.45 µmYes139
9.054 462100.00WhiteGreen50 mm0.45 µmYes139
9.054 464100.00WhiteGreen47 mm0.45 µmYes139 High Flow
9.054 4631000.00WhiteGreen50 mm0.45 µmYes139
7.017 1011000.00WhiteGreen50 mm0.45 µmNo139
9.054 465100.00WhiteGreen50 mm0.45 µmYes139 High Flow
9.054 4611000.00WhiteGreen47 mm0.45 µmYes139