Microplate washer Atlantis 2/4

Microplate washer for 96-well plates with flexiblility in washing options, simple operation and digitally controlled aspiration and dispensing pumps.

  • 8-channel manifold
  • Up to 50 wash programmes
  • Auto rinse function prevents clogging
  • Reduced aerosols due to cover and pumping technology
  • Low noise, pressure-free aspiration and dispensing pumps
  • Detachable plate carrier for easy cleaning

Scope of supply:
Atlantis 2: With 2 liquid lines, two 2 l wash-bottles, 2.5 l waste-bottle
Atlantis 4: With 4 liquid lines, four 2 l wash-bottles, 2.5 l waste-bottle
Maintenance kit: 2 x T 2.5 A spare fuses, 2 cleaning needles, tubing sets for all bottles, cleaning tool for needles, tubing set for manifold, spare tubing set for manifold

Toote variatsioonid

TypeCatalog numberPKKogus 
Atlantis 46.315 2071.00
Atlantis 27.971 8231.00