Mini temperature data logger EBI 11 starter kit SK 6100

Robust temperature data logger EBI 11-T210 for pasteurization control during production. The data logger is characterized by its small size and can be incorporated into the product in bottles, tins, and jars to measure the temperature. With the IF 300 interface and the software included in the starter kit, the temperature data logger can be programmed, and the recorded data read out.

  • Space-saving stainless steel housing
  • Versatile use
  • M5 thread
  • Axial, pointed PT1000 probe (Ø 3 mm)
  • Needle length 20 mm
  • Memory for up to 15000 measured values
  • Factory calibration certificate: 0 °C, 60 °C, and 134 °C

Scope of supply: Temperature data logger, software, interface IF 300

Toote variatsioonid

ØDimensions (ØxH)HeightIP codeMax. temperatureMin. temperatureCatalog numberResolutionTemperatureTypeWeightPKKogus 
16.5 mm16.5 x 24 mm24 mmIP 68140 °C-30 °C4.691 8300.01 °C-30 ... 140 °CSK 610045 g1.00