Nalgene™ Oak-Ridge centrifuge tubes, PC

Transparent. PC with PP screw cap. Can be used in suitable refrigerated or ambient centrifuges, with screw cap at up to 10,000 x g rcf and without screw cap at up to 50,000 x g rcf. Autoclavable. Accessory sealing cap assemblies are available for 10 ml, 30 ml and 50 ml sizes.

Toote variatsioonid

Catalog numberPKAutoclavableColourØHeightMaterialMax. rcfNominal capacitySterileType of
With graduationKogus 
9.315 6921.00YesClear25.8 mm94.0 mmPC10000 x g28 mlNoScrew capNo
9.315 6941.00YesClear28.8 mm106.4 mmPC10000 x g43 mlNoScrew capNo
9.315 6911.00YesClear16.1 mm81.5 mmPC10000 x g10 mlNoScrew capNo
9.315 6931.00YesClear25.8 mm94.0 mmPC10000 x g30 mlNoScrew capNo
9.315 6951.00YesClear38.2 mm105.2 mmPC10000 x g81 mlNoScrew capNo